Our goal is to provide you with results oriented, interactive dialog to help you gain knowledge or insight into your best mitigation or remediation alternatives.Self-select the areas that are of interest to you to learn about your options to improve your long range bottom-line with a customized bio-conversion technology

Contact our knowledge base in your general area of interest. Our member advisor with experience in that area will contact you to put together a custom biomass conversion program.

The ABF(Ag Biomass Foundation) serves as the pragmatic / empirical knowledge clearinghouse for the best in peer reviewed applications of technology in dealing with Biomass.These technologies and practices address the challenges faced by industrial agriculture when dealing with problems ranging from commercial crop processing of residue biomass to water retention in soil to general soil health management.We bring together the best of today’s technologies in a format that allows you to select the best fit for your unique needs or objectives. The ABF is working to improve processes based on extensive R&D experience gleaned from 30 years of working on the issues of biomass remediation.